Open and Honest Communication

How do I speak to the SENCo/Inclusion Manager if I have a concern about my child?


First, talk to your child’s class teacher if you have concerns about your child’s needs.

Your child’s class teacher will discuss these concerns with the SENCo/Inclusion manager and will feedback to you what needs to happen next.

If you still need to make an appointment with the SENCo/Inclusion Manager then you can arrange this with the school office, your child’s class teacher or speak directly to the SENCo/Inclusion Manager.


How will the SENCo/Inclusion Manager ensure the necessary people know about my child’s needs?


Your child will have a support plan detailing the areas of need your child should be working on.

This plan will be written by the class teacher and shared with all staff working with your child.

Your child may also have a one page profile written with your child detailing what a good day looks like, what a bad day looks like and what school can do to help and support.

Parents will have copies of all plans/profiles to be kept in red folders at home.

Your child’s support plan will be reviewed biannually by the class teacher and any other staff working with your child.

The SENCo/Inclusion Manager will keep a copy of the review.


How will my child’s progress be reviewed and when will I be invited into school to discuss this? Will my child be able to give their views?


Support plans will be reviewed biannually and your child will be part of this process throughout the academic year.

Regular work and assessment will be undertaken by your child and staff throughout the year.

Your child’s support plan will be shared with you on parent’s evenings or at another time arranged by the class teacher.

If your child has a provision plan or an education, health and care plan (EHC plan) then these will be reviewed annually and you will be invited to a review meeting.

One page profiles will be reviewed annually with your child as part of the review process.


If my child needs extra support, will I always be spoken to about this?


A ‘note’ will be made during the meeting and you will be given a copy.

If further discussion is needed then a meeting will be arranged either with your class teacher or with the SENCo/Inclusion Manager.


Will information that needs to be shared, be made clear and easy to understand?


The support plan for your child will be in child friendly language and so will the one page profile.

Any documents concerning your child will be discussed with you and/or you will be given a copy and if you have any questions concerning the document then school will arrange a time to discuss it with you.

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