Gifted and Talented

How do I speak to the SENCo/Inclusion Manager if I have a concern about my child?


If you believe your child to have a gift or a talent in any area of the curriculum then you need to speak to your class teacher about it and they will then discuss this with the Inclusion manager/SENCo.


How will the SENCo/Inclusion Manager ensure the necessary people know about my child’s needs?


If your child has been identified as gifted or talented in any area of the curriculum then they will be added to the gifted and talented register and all staff that work with your child will have a copy.


How will my child’s progress be reviewed and when will I be invited into school to discuss this? Will my child be able to give their views?


The gifted and talented register will be reviewed biannually (twice a year) and all class teachers will be asked to edit the list of children identified. The gifted and talented register will be shared at parent’s evening and you will be told if your child is on the register.


If my child needs extra support, will I always be spoken to about this?


You will be told at parent’s evening if your child is on the register and you will be informed throughout the year if your child is invited to be part of any extracurricular activity aimed at supporting those children on the gifted and talented register.


Will information that needs to be shared, be made clear and easy to understand?


All letters or notification regarding your child will be in the usual school format that is clear and easy to understand.

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